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The Leatherwear - ’style-on-the-go’ concept is developed as a one-stop destination for the business and leisure travelers’ luggage and accessories needs, ranging from stylish travel essentials, established and popular brands of travel bags, travel cases and handy organizers to ensure that his/her belongings are kept safe while travelling, from a multitude of brands which are essential for all types of vacations and all travellers; ranging from international power adapters, neck support pillows, ear plugs, eye mask, security pouch, luggage tags, travel iron, suit bags etc which are targetted to the needs of specific customer segments at different price-value levels - all of them reflecting the unique mix of style, reliability and uncompromising quality that embodies the Leatherwear branding. Collectively, our brands serve every segment of the market, reaching travellers from all walks of life, from all over the world. Presenting the right product at the right price and quality is the hallmark of the Leatherwear lifestyle concept, this reflects ERAMAN’s business philosophy and approach to travel retail and duty free.


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