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Terms & Conditions

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1. Contest Duration and Mechanics
        1.1. The “Wonderful Visit to Oz” contest (“Contest”) runs from 26th June
               2014 until 31st August 2014.

2. Eligible Participants
2.1. The Contest is organised by Malaysia Airports (“MA”) and is open to 
               all individuals aged 18 and above except employees and immediate 
               family members of MA, its promotion, advertising and PR agencies, 
               their subsidiaries, associate companies and participating retailers at 

3. Contest mechanics:
3.1. Participants will have to spend a minimum of RM150 in one (1) receipt, 
               or across a total of three (3) receipts to enter the Contest. Contest is 
               only applicable to receipts obtained at klia2 terminal and excludes 
               purchases made at gateway@klia2.

        3.2. Contest registration must be done on-site at klia2 at any E-Kiosk.

        3.3. E-Kiosks can be found at:
               Departure Public Concourse, Level 3
               Domestic Departure/Arrival, Level 2
               International Departure, Satellite, Level 2

        3.4. The first RM150 spent will count as one (1) entry to the Wonderful
               Visit to Oz contest. Each RM150 spend will allow you to participate 
               in the 5 Senses mini-game for a chance to win up to RM25 worth of 
               Cash Vouchers.

4. Organiser
4.1. All decisions of the Organiser in any matter under these Terms and 
               Conditions shall be final and no discussions or correspondence shall 
               be entertained, except at the Organiser’s own discretion.

5. Prizes and Redemption
5.1. In the event the advertised prize is not available, the Organiser 
               reserves the right to modify or substitute any of the prizes 
               offered in the Contest at any time.

        5.2. All prizes are on an ‘as is’ basis and are not transferable, 
               exchangeable or redeemable for cash. The winner is solely 
               responsible for the collection of their prize.

        5.3. The Contest Winner will be announced on 2 September 2014.

        5.4. The Organiser will contact the winners via the contact details or 
               email address supplied during the entry submission process. Winners 
               are encouraged to keep their contact numbers and phone line active, 
               and to constantly check their email accounts for correspondences.

        5.5. In the event that a winner is not contactable within three (3) attempts 
               in three (3) consecutive days, the Organiser reserves the right to 
               disqualify his/her eligibility and the next qualified participant will be 

        5.6. All winners must claim their prizes within three (3) days after being 
               contacted by the Organiser (via direct email or other forms of 
               communication). Should the Winner fail to claim their prize or
               nominate a representative within the time allocated, the Organiser 
               has the right to forfeit their prize or award the prize to other winners.

        5.7. Proof of identity in the form of Identification Card ("IC") or Passport 
               will be required for winner verification. If a winner is unable to 
               produce their identification to authenticate their identity, the 
               Organiser reserves the right to disqualify said winner.

        5.8. If a winner is unable to collect his/her prize, a representative must 
               bring a letter of authorisation signed by the winner. Such 
               authorisation letter must include the express authorisation from the 
               representative and the full names and identification information of 
               both individuals together with photocopies of the winner's and the 
               representatives' identification.

        5.9. Participants/winners shall assume full liability in the case of any 
               mishap, injury, damage, claim or accidents arising from their 
               participation in the contests and/or redemption of the prizes.

        5.10. Prizes: 

        5.11. The Grand Prize is a trip for four (4) persons to Goast Coast,
                 Australia which comprises: 
                 5.11.1. Four Australian tourist visas
                 5.11.2. Four return flight tickets 
                 5.11.3. Airport transfers to and from hotel
                 5.11.4. 5 Days 4 Nights accommodation 
                 5.11.5. AUD1000 spending money per pax
                 5.11.6. Tour guide, transportation, and entrance fees to selected 
                             tourist attractions

        5.12. The Organiser reserves the right to modify or substitute the terms 
                 and conditions of the Game and/or the mechanics of the Game at its 
                 sole and absolute discretion at any time during or after this Contest 
                 without any prior notification.

        5.13. Participation in this Contest/Game is at the risk of the Participant 
                 and the Organiser shall not accept any liability whatsoever should 
                 the Participant suffer any form of injury or if any of the Games 
                 encounter any technical difficulties, technical outage, equipment 
                 failure, malfunction of any software or hardware or if any internet 
                 security is compromised or failure of any kind which affects the 
                 Participant’s participation/chances of winning in the Game.

        5.14. The Organiser has the exclusive right, to withdraw the Contest 
                 at any time and with immediate effect by stating the same on the 
                 relevant website without any liability in respect thereof.

        5.15. If a Participant provides an incorrect name, age, contact number, 
                 address, email address or any other incorrect information in relation 
                 to his or her participation in the Contest, then the Organiser 
                 reserves the absolute right to treat that participation as invalid 
                 (whether or not such information comes to light before or after the 
                 Participant has made the claim). If the fraud, deceit or other action 
                 is only discovered after the prize has been released, the Participant 
                 undertakes to return the same (or provide compensation) to the 
                 Organiser forthwith upon discovery by the Organiser.

        5.16. The Organiser and its respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries and 
                 promotional agencies shall not be liable for any loss or damages 
                 arising out of the Contest or use of the Prizes given through the 
                 Contest or the failure to perform any or all of its obligations as 
                 provided under these Terms and Conditions due to or attributable to 
                 acts beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of God, 
                 failure of technical reason or acts of government.

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