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No Pets/Guide/Service/Hearing Animal Policy

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1. Passengers who are travelling with their pets/guide/service/hearing animal need to call and make necessary prior arrangements with the airlines. The “Pets On-Board/In-Cabin Allowed” Policy varies from one carrier to another and from one route to another.

2. It is the airlines’ responsibility to escalate their policy to the passengers.

3. Should the airlines allow the passenger to have pets on-board the aircraft, it is the passenger’s responsibility to obtain the relevant approval documents (transfers, health, vaccination certificates, etc) from the respective authorities. 

4. Small size pets/guide/hearing/service animals; upon approval; must at all times be with the passenger and in the permitted carriage. Size of the container permitted must be in accordance to the Single Cabin Luggage policy.

5. Notwithstanding the above, the airport has the absolute discretion to disallow the small pets/guide/hearing/service animal in the permitted carriage to pass through the airport terminal building if its behavior is inappropriate, disruptive and an endangerment to other passengers or airport users. In such cases, arrangements must be made by passenger/airline to handle the pets/guide/service/hearing animal via the airside.

6. The airport shall not be responsible for any harm/injury/fatality if the pets/guide/hearing/service animal is accidently released from its carriage and compromises the safety and security of the airport.

7. The airport shall not be responsible in providing pets relief area (neither at the airside nor landside).

8. The passenger or/and airline (when the pets/guide/hearing/service animal is in the possession of the airline while waiting to embark or disembark) takes full responsibility in providing the pets relief area. The passenger will be personally liable for any discomfort arising from their pets/guide/hearing/service animal relieving themselves either in the airside or landside area of the airport.

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