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Environmental Protection Policy

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Malaysia Airports shall at all times conduct its business operations with care and consideration for the environment and shall undertake all environmental responsibilities in a professional manner with dedication and commitment.

Our objective: Zero Harm or Damage to the Environment

To support and achieve our objective of ‘Zero Harm or Damage to the Environment’, we shall:

  • Uphold Environmental Protection as a Core Business Value;
  • Encourage Environmental Protection leadership at all levels;
  • Document, implement, maintain and continuously improve our Environmental Management System in accordance with the International Standards ISO 14001:2004;
  • Establish plans and procedures to ensure that all employees understand and comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, contractual and other requirements;
  • Proactively identify, assess and control environmental risks within our operations, and ensure effective contingencies are in place to manage all perceived environmental risks;
  • Communicate our environmental goals and expectations to our people, subcontractors, suppliers, client’s organisations and other stakeholders;
  • Ensure that all Malaysia Airports’ worksites operate in accordance with our Environmental standards, applicable legislation and best industry practices; and 
  • Report any and all incidents, investigate, learn and understand in order to prevent such incidents from recurring. 

By adopting these principles, we believe that a strong Environmental Protection culture and awareness will evolve to drive and achieve our primary objective of ‘Zero Harm or Damage to the Environment’.

Sustainability Report
Annual Report 2016