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Our Sustainability Policy


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Our Sustainability Policy

Malaysia Airports' core business is the management and operation of Malaysia's international, domestic and rural services airports. We aspire to create sustained stakeholder value as a world class airport business operator. Our stakeholders are our people, our community, our customers, our environment, our investors, our regulators and our country.

We are proud of our airports and are committed to creating sustainable world class aviation gateways as a symbol of national pride.

Malaysia Airports is committed to achieving environmental and social sustainability in operating its business. Through doing so, we aim to create Sustainable Development in all aspects of our business.

In upholding our commitment to sustainability, Malaysia Airports will:

  • Integrate sustainability as a consideration in all planning and development decisions, including management, communication, procurement and operation, as well as support sustainable practices in our business marketplace.
  • Operate in a healthy, safe, secure and efficient manner. Sustainability is central to the way we think, the way we conduct ourselves, and the approach we perform our day to day business.
  • Nurture the professional and personal growth of our people through constructive social development projects, positive team-building activities and skill-enhancing training and education programmes.
  • Develop and effectively implement an Environmental Action Plan for all our airports, as well as commit to measuring and monitoring sustainability practices to the extent possible.
  • Rehabilitate the social, natural and economic environment affected by our activities and continuously look for opportunities to improve our global environmental performance.
  • Honour our commitment to creating a pathway towards carbon-neutral growth and aspire for a carbon-free future, as signatory to the Aviation Industry Commitment to Action on Climate Change (Geneva, April 2008).
  • Take a leadership role in sustainability initiatives that strengthen the social well-being and community relationships with our stakeholders and the country we serve.
  • Celebrate our local art, culture and heritage, and promote the use of locally and sustainably sourced products, services and labour.

Successful implementation of this policy will enhance Malaysia Airports' reputation, customer loyalty, passenger experience and create long term value for our stakeholders and our country. We believe in working closely with all stakeholders to enhance the sustainability of Malaysia as a place to live and work, to trade and to host local and international tourists.

Sustainability Report
Annual Report 2016